Many site admins will already be familiar with the Org Admin Dashboard. However, we know many sites did not previously have this feature rolled out, or may not have used it before. If you are new to the Org Admin Dashboard, or need a refresher, please start by reading about How to Use the Organization Dashboard and How to Designate Org Admins before continuing with this article.

Previously, Org Admin were only able to review, publish, or reject links that were submitted by Organization members via the Submit from Web form. 

Now, we've added the ability for Org Admin to review Open Author 2.0 content submitted by Organization members. 

Review Open Author 2.0 Content in Org Admin Dashboard

If an Organization member has not been designated a "Trusted" user, their authored content will need to be reviewed before it is published and publicly discoverable on the site. This applies to completely new pieces of content, or remixes a user wishes to publish.

When Open Author 2.0 content appears in the Org Admin queue for review you will see 3 buttons in the "Workflow" column: 

  • Accept (Green): This will publish the resource to the library and notify the author by email.

  • Reject (Red): This will deaccession the content, making it visible only to site admin and the original author. The author will not be able to resubmit the content. The author will be automatically notified via email.

  • Rework (Yellow): This will send the content back to draft, and the author will be automatically via email. The user will be informed that updates need to be made, and that they are able resubmit the content when ready.